Womens Campaigning Groups

UN Women

UN women aim to remove the social and cultural barriers that prevent women and girls from achieving their potential. In the UK, UN Women is represented through the National Committee, and they focus on awareness, advocacy and activation

Bristol SU Women's Network

The Women's Network is a great opportunity to get involved with representation and campaign on gender issues at the University of Bristol. It is open to any students who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.


One25 reaches out to women trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work, supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction.

Bristol Anarcha-Feminists

The Bristol anarcha-feminist group meets twice a month. Meetings are held at the Smiling Chair, 40 Stokes Croft. They’re a women-only group, interested in working with people who identify &/or are identified as women.

Bristol Fawcett

Bristol Fawcett is an activist group, whose members seek not primarily to talk about feminism but to ‘do’ feminism and make a difference – however small – to awareness, policy and practice in the local area. Members give their time, their ideas, and their skills, to projects and events that we undertake.

Bristol Feminist Network

A community group of women and men from the Bristol area who are interested in discussing feminist ideas, who believe in the importance of women's liberation, and who actively campaign on issues of gender inequality and oppression.

Bristol University Intersectional Feminist Society

The aim of the society is to raise awareness of feminist and intersectional issues and campaign for the end of the systemic inequalities which facilitate and catalyse them. Whether issues affect billions or solely Bristol, they hope to combat inequality in as many big and small ways as they can.

Avon Federation of Women’s Institutes

The Federation with 114 WIs and 4980 members offers fun and friendship for members, with an opportunity to improve the quality of community life. Many events are organised by the sub committees during the year. These include outings to places of interest, holidays, speakers evenings, sports, crafts, historical and musical events.

Sisters of Frida

Sisters of Frida CIC is an experimental collective of disabled women. They want a new way of sharing experiences, mutual support and relationships with different networks.