Anneliese- Extraordinary Story

Anneliese from Extraordinary Story will be at our International Women’s Day event tomorrow, collecting stories for future women! Here is some more information from Anneliese:

What is this for?
I’m creating a Red Tent installation with audio stories for future women, as part of an exhibition at UWE and it will be shown again at Valley Fest 2019. The piece will be entitled “Some stories never change”. The idea is that women need to pass positive stories to future generations.

What would I like to do at International Womens Day?
I need to capture stories that women of any age want to pass on to the next generation of women. I’d like to find 10 women to tell me what story they’d like to give to future generations.

The Call Out
What story will you tell the next generation? To record your story for future women at International Women’s Day
She will be capturing stories between 11am-3pm!

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