Women and the Economy Task Group

The Women and the Economy task group exists to ensure that the local economy draws on the skills, experience and knowledge of women in Bristol. It produces important research to help inform decision-makers, including it’s ‘Delivering an inclusive economy post-Covid-19’ report and by commenting on the Bristol One City Economic Recovery Plan and the West of England Combined Authority’s Economic Recovery Plan and other relevant strategies. It is Chaired by BWV’s Diane Bunyan.

The Covid-19 report raised a number of key issues for women in Bristol, including ongoing concerns around affordable childcare.

Bristol Women’s Commission continues to raise this and wrote an evidence-based guide for employers and decision makers on the issues that would support women in the current economic situation.

We will continue to press for the need for social infrastructure, childcare, social care, health and wellbeing, to be considered as part of what is needed by a functioning economy and that resources should go to fund it.