BWV on Covid-19

BWV on Covid-19

Penny Gane, Chair of Board of Trustees

Women of Bristol

Covid-19 has massively changed all our lives and will continue to do so over the next weeks and months. Bristol Women’s Voice will be playing its part to support women while making sure we add to and do not replicate the efforts of others.

Our first task is to set up web-based signposting of organisations in the city which support women in crisis and beyond. We aim to keep this constantly updated as organisations change the way they work to support women’s changing needs.

We will provide Covid-19 updates that may affect women in employment and/or caring for others.

We recognise the importance of mutual support between women in these challenging times and seek to develop a ‘community friend’ resource whereby women can talk and be listened to or signposted to other suitable organisations.

Shortly we will be asking you to share experiences and the impact of self-isolation on women in many different situations. Together we will be able to see the impact of Covid-19 on women in Bristol and advise local and national government on steps they can take to support women. Our Mayor is in contact with us and is taking heed of our concerns.

All of us at BWV send our love to all of you. We know women will be expected to take on many of the challenges emerging from Covid-19. We will help in any way we can.

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