Wonderful Women Interview #19 & #20 – Hildegarda and Bożena

Hilda and Bożena received a Wonderful Women Awards for creating and running a weekly Polish speaking group for people who are over 50 and who want to have fun and make new friends. Hilda and Bozena create a friendly and welcoming place for people to share memories, jokes, and culture. The club is completely self-organised and self-funded. Every week there are 20-30 members enjoying each other's company, with many in their late 80s and 90s.

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Wonderful Women Interview #17 – Annie Berry

'It is so easy to get caught in a bubble of our own situation and surroundings. Everyone is struggling with something. I have always really appreciated and been reassured when people who I might not often turn to, or spend time with, or even strangers(!); share experiences. It makes a difference when people are open to connecting and sharing a chat or a conversation.'

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Wonderful Women Interview #15 – Hannah Hier

Bristol's Youth Mayor, Hannah talks to us about her hopes for Women in our city and beyond... 'I want to see women and girls feeling safe in Bristol as unfortunately me and many of my friends and people I know have experienced either street harassment or harassment in clubs and public places. It angers me to think that lots of women don’t feel safe walking around in their own city or community, when it’s their right to feel safe and comfortable.'

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Wonderful Women Interview #12 – Rebecca Prior

What do you want to see change for women in Bristol? 'To do more of what they want to do. To ignore barriers - personal and professional. Bristol has a great community spirit but there is no harm in making it even better. We all need to look out for each other.' Read our interview with Becky Prior who received a Wonderful Women Award for her work empowering people of all ages through art.

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