Wonderful Women Interview #12 – Rebecca Prior

What do you want to see change for women in Bristol? 'To do more of what they want to do. To ignore barriers - personal and professional. Bristol has a great community spirit but there is no harm in making it even better. We all need to look out for each other.' Read our interview with Becky Prior who received a Wonderful Women Award for her work empowering people of all ages through art.

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Wonderful Women Interview #7 – Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks received a wonderful women award for her efforts as a community activist in Fishponds. She helped set up the local youth club, organises FishFest and the Scarecrow Trail, started the People’s University of Fishponds (which has raised funds for Borderlands, Bristol Refugee Rights and Fishponds Foodbank among others) and is one of the founders of Poverty is Pants. Unsurprisingly she is known locally as Mrs Fishponds.

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