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Brand Your Superpower Workshop with Irem Yayımlar

Brand Your Superpower Workshop - group of women in a room

On Thursday 23 November, packed into the small but cosy Redcliffe Hub, 20 women sat together and shared their hopes and dreams of starting or developing their own businesses.

They were a mixed group from all walks of life– whether HR consultants, therapists, NHS workers, celebrants, healers, beauticians or aspiring writers. Connecting many of them was a lack of confidence.

Am I good enough to be charging this much?

Is there anything that differentiates me from the competition?

Am I even good enough to be following this dream in the first place? 

This workshop, designed specifically for women to combat their imposter syndrome and push through the glass ceiling, saw attendees begin seeing their work in a more positive light.

They built each other up with compliments and were challenged to praise their own strengths without shame. By the end, the room was buzzing with a sense of self-belief, while numbers were being exchanged and participants were offering free services to one another.  

The workshop was facilitated by the warm Irem Yayımlar, a professional branding consultant and passionate advocate of women in business. She is all too familiar with us underselling ourselves. Giving bespoke advice to each participant, Irem was clearly versed in giving people the confidence to share – not only to dare to dream, and to value our work, but to do so loudly and proudly! 

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