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Take on an active challenge themed around the number 71 and raise money in solidarity with the 71% of UK women who have experienced sexual harassment in public. 

Do something (e.g. sing, run, walk, cycle, roller-skate…) for 7.1 hours, 71 steps, 71 minutes, 7.1 kilometres, 7.1 miles, 71 kilometres, 71 miles….. Raise £71 or even £710! Complete the challenge before the end of October. 

BWV’s Challenge 71 #71StopSexualHarassment 


  1. Go to the Challenge 71 JustGiving page 
  2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ 
  3. Log in or sign up to JustGiving if required 
  4. Select your event type – this will most likely be ‘Fitness at Home’ 
  5. Give your fundraiser a name and date 
  6. Select your fundraising web address. This is what your supporters can use to find your page 
  7. Give your consent if you wish for your page to claim Gift Aid. This allows us to reclaim an extra 25% on eligible donations 
  8. Click ‘Create your page’ 
  9. Consult our fundraising pack for hints and tips about how to get donations 
Make your Challenge 71 JustGiving page! 


The money you raise will help BWV’s continue our work to stop sexual harassment.
This includes: 
  • Developing and working with women’s action groups to create change
  • Raising awareness with public transport providers and working with them to take action to end sexual harassment on trains, taxis and buses across Bristol 
  • Delivering sexual harassment training within male-dominated businesses, e.g. construction companies 
  • Developing partnerships with night time economy businesses to end sexual harassment in pubs and clubs
  • Working with the Women’s Commission and women’s organisations across Bristol to make sure women’s voices are heard and action on taken to make Bristol safer for all.  
What your money enables: 
  • £7.1 pays for an isolated woman to access a workshop 
  • £71 pays volunteer expenses for a month
  • £710 pays for a bespoke support package to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace 
  • £7,100 pays for on-going  support, facilitation and training for women’s action groups for six months 
Past successes:
  • Bristol Zero Tolerance was a BWV initiative to free our city from gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation. It ran from 2015-19 until funding ended.  Key achievements included: 
  • Bringing in a new gender/misogyny hate crime category within the Avon and Somerset Police 
  • Developing a toolkit on responding to street harassment including being an active bystander 
  • Working with local venues and promoters in the night-time economy to address sexual harassment and assault
Get moving for Bristol Women’s Voice and join the race to stop street harassment!
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