Together for Change: Disabled Women Take Action

Our Disabled Women Take Action project aims to build a community of committed disabled women and women with long-term health conditions to work with others to influence practical and policy changes across Bristol.

This community will provide an opportunity to meet with others on a monthly basis, in person and online, to identify common goals and develop skills and experiences through volunteering.

This partnership project is being delivered by Bristol Women’s Voice and WECIL and has been developed following the City Listening Project. Supported by the Government Equalities Office (GEO), the City Listening Project focused on enabling the voices of women, particularly those that frequently go unheard, to contribute to better policy-making.

If you are interested in discovering more about Disabled Women Take Action and becoming part of this Women’s Action Group, read more about the role here or get in touch directly:

Please note: We will meet access needs and offer alternative forms of communication to support participation.


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