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Young Women’s Forum

Bristol Women’s Voice is excited to support young women in Bristol to be heard and to become change makers through the creation of a young women’s forum in Bristol.

This group is open to young women aged 18-30 years old living, working or studying in Bristol.

We run a monthly Young Women’s Forum meeting, where you will be supported to talk about what you want to see change in Bristol for young women, and then take action to create that change!

We also facilitate regular monthly events, (in central Bristol) to support young women to build skills, gain experience and make connections with other young women.

Previous events and workshops have included: 

  • Write it up! Writing Workshop for Young Women
  • Speak up! Public Speaking Workshop for Young Women
  • Group Facilitation Training

All sessions are FREE.

If you would like to attend the forum meetings please contact Willow on:

Find our upcoming sessions listed on EventBrite here. 

Bristol bus and train tickets from the day will be reimbursed.

Refreshments: Squash/tea and light snacks are provided (suitable for vegetarians).


For more information or just a chat about the group, please contact please contact Willow on 

How the project came about:

This project is a result of the ‘Youth Forum for Girls and Young Women (16 – 25) Workshop’ at Bristol Women’s Voice International Women’s Day event, March 2023, at City Hall, where we had the privilege and opportunity to meet a diverse group of young women and to listen to their challenges, visions, fear and hopes.

Many shared that they feel powerless in the absence of a place where their voices are heard, where they can share their stories, speak about the systematic challenges they are experiencing and have no way to actively take part in creating the necessary changes.

What challenges do we face as girls or young women in Bristol?

Sexism, misogyny, sexual harassment, prejudice in work and school – just because of gender, safety during day and night in public spaces and on public transport;

Lack of guys’ recognition of their friends as ‘the problem’ and refusing to call out their behaviour (especially in clubs/bars);

Anxiety around men especially after dark;

mental health care;

lack of confidence;

not having places to talk about issues young women are facing;

bullying and harassment at work and school;

spiking increase

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