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Covid Keep in Contact Project

Covid Keep in Contact Project.

Bristol Women’s Voice is a Bristol-based charity working to make women’s equality in Bristol a reality. We make sure that when key decisions are taken in the city women’s voices have been heard and their concerns acted upon. We work to increase awareness of women’s rights and to make sure services meet women’s needs. We bring women together to share ideas and experiences, support campaigns and celebrate success so that together we can make Bristol a showcase for women’s involvement, empowerment and equality.

BWV are launching a new initiative to Keep in Contact during Covid. We want to bring women together in a non-judgemental, supportive space. To foster a sense of community and make new connections, as well as providing information and resources that meet your
Support Bubbles will be a virtual space, led by a Bubble Leader and with between 3-6 Bubble Members. As a Bubble Member you can use the group as a source of information and there is no pressure to engage, or as a forum to raise issues and receive support. The project is shaped by you and what you need.
BWV will poll members on the issues that matter to them and organise workshops or online events to meet those needs, as well as providing links to resources and information. Your Bubble Leader will also respond to the needs of the group, whether that’s scheduling a weekly chat or feeding back to us your good ideas!

The overarching goals of the project are:

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing of women and young women in Bristol at this
  • Build capacity among women to have conversations about health, both mental and
  • Improve knowledge, skills and confidence relating to health and making connections.
  • To reduce isolation and create supportive spaces for women.
  • Empower women to identify and articulate issues with their own health and mental health and, where possible, access support to meet their needs.

To become a Bubble Member contact

Our Covid Keep in Contact Bubbles are being rolled out across Bristol, as we try to keep connected and support each other during the pandemic.

We are also recruiting more Bubble Leaders find out more Here

Volunteer Role Description – Bubble Leader Role Description

Volunteer Registration- Bubble Leader


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