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Bristol Women’s Voice is a powerful voice for women making women’s equality in Bristol a reality.

BWV is supporting Bristol Council’s proposed nil cap policy for licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs)

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Creating a space for women to help make their voices audible in places they are least heard.

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About Bristol Women's Voice

Bristol Women’s Voice will make sure that when key decisions are taken women’s voices have been listened to and their ideas and concerns acted on. BWV will also help women and girls across the city to find services they need, how to support one another, how to join local organisations and set up new ones, find and promote events and services for women and share ideas and issues.

BWV will enable women to come together either by meeting or through the web site, Facebook, blogs, twitter etc. to decide what are the most important issues facing women and girls in the city and work together to tackle them.

Bristol Women’s Voice has been set up with support from Bristol City Council but is independent of the council. Bristol Women’s Voice will operate as an incorporated charity and will be managed by Bristol women for Bristol women

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