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Support the crucial work of dismantling discrimination and inequality for women


Your donation supports us to continue our work towards making women’s equality a reality in Bristol through connecting, celebrating and campaigning.

According to the research by ROSA, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, in 2021, a total of £4.1 billion worth of grants was awarded to charities, but the women and girls sector received just 1.8% of these.

In addition, one-third of all grants for ‘women and girls’ focused activity – worth £24.7m – went to organisations with no specific focus on women and girls. This shows a worrying lack of priority for organisations tackling complex and systemic issues faced by women and girls in the UK.


Our mission is to create a movement that unites all women in Bristol to campaign together, celebrate our achievements and find support and information.

We empower women from all walks of life in Bristol to have a say in decisions that affect them, like with our recent Disabled Women Take Action Project of our Young Women’s Forum.

We also help women’s groups in Bristol to work together, grow, and stand up for the rights and issues that matter to them.


We make sure that women who are often overlooked have a chance to talk to decision-makers at events, meetings, and through campaigns.

We work closely with other independent women’s groups and organisations in Bristol, helping them to meet regularly, form partnerships, and grow stronger.

To keep everyone in the loop, we share events from the Bristol women’s community on our social media channels. So, make sure to follow us!


We take time to celebrate the achievements of Bristol’s women and any steps forward towards equality. One big event we run each year is International Women’s Day.

It brings together thousands of people from all communities.