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Organise Your Own Event​

Would you like to create your own fundraising event to help raise the voices of marginalised and minoritised women in your local community? 

Have a look at these simple steps to get started!


How do I organise my own event? 

Pick something fun to do 
  • The first step in planning your fundraiser is to decide what activity you would like to do. This could be something physical, something you do from home or something a bit more unusual. Take a look at our Fundraising AZ for inspiration. 
Set a time, date and target 
  • Depending on the type of activity, your fundraising event could take place on a single day, over a week, or even throughout a month. Have a think about the duration of your activity and decide when it will be convenient for it to take place. A clear time and date will encourage the people you know to donate money in the lead up to your fundraiser and whilst it takes place.  
  • Setting a target is a crucial part of your plan. If you know how much you would like to raise, then this goal will keep you motivated throughout your fundraising journey. 
Choose a venue 
  • If you need a venue for your event, then try to organise this plenty of time before the day. Try to keep in mind the important questions, like: is it in a convenient place? Is it accessible? Does it meet the practical requirements of my event? How much does it cost? Is it available on the date that I have in mind? 
Decide how to collect your donations 
  • It is a good idea to decide how you will collect your donations before you promote your event. Consult the ‘Collecting Your Donations’ section of our Fundraising Pack for more information about this.  
Tell everyone about your fundraiser 
  • You need to inform the people you know about your event so that they can support you. There are many ways to do this, including: social media, email, posters and local newspapers. Take a look at the ‘Spread the Word’ part of our Fundraising Pack to get more details.
Get a little help from your friends 
  • Teamwork makes the dream work! Try to have a think about who you know and how they could help with your fundraising efforts. Could they promote your event? Could they come along on the day? Could they provide materials for your fundraiser (cakes to sell etc.)?  
Stay safe! 
  • There are health, safety and legal considerations to keep in mind when you are planning a fundraiser. Consult the ‘Staying Safe’ section of our Fundraising Pack to find more information.

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