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Is your company passionate about achieving gender equality? There are many ways that you can support Bristol Women’s Voice in the workplace.

Corporate Events 
Could you host an event to raise money for BWV? This is a great way to boost your company’s morale whilst supporting marginalised women in Bristol. You could organise a dress-down day, host a raffle or take on an active challenge. Have a look at our Fundraising AZ for more ideas. 
Charity of the Year 
Could your workplace select us as its Charity of the Year? Whatever the size of your business, the support of your organisation would make a huge difference to BWV. If you are interested in partnering with us, then please get in touch through 
Payroll Giving 
Does your company have a payroll giving scheme? This is a tax-free method for UK taxpayers to give money to Bristol Women’s Voice. Your donation is taken from your paycheck before tax is deducted, which means that BWV gets more of your money, and you spend less. Consider providing BWV with a regular income by giving as you earn. 
Matched Giving 
Some organisations have schemes which support the charitable efforts of their staff by matching their payroll donations and fundraising activities. It is worth checking whether there is one in place in your workplace. 
Training and Workshops 
Would you like BWV to visit your business and educate your staff about gender-related topics? Our organisation offers training and workshops on subjects including sexual harassment and types of sexism. If you would like to invite BWV to your company, then please contact us at 

Get Involved at Work

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