Menopause Bristol

Menopause Bristol

Following a call from our members for work to be done around menopause (including women who have not yet reached menopausal age) Bristol Women’s Voice have been partnering with other women working in this area to set up support and information.

Many of you asked us to “raise awareness”, to help dispel the stigma around women’s health by using our platform to talk about it loudly, and to create events and spaces for women to come together to talk about the issues affecting them.

So many of you called for work to be done around menopause (including women who have not yet reached menopausal age) that we have decided to focus some energy here. We are teaming up with other women working in this area and aim to set up / help link you to some peer support groups across the city, as well as put together an information pack.  Download our Menopause Guide here.

We have been running menopause workshops, particularly for marginalised or disadvantaged women, to help them to understand the symptoms, treatments and support available to manage this phase of life. These workshops will be available as a filmed presentation for groups which can include a live chat with a Practice Nurse who runs her own private menopause clinic and will be available on here toon

Please contact us via for further information.

Women at our Talking About Menopause event. Photo by Mireya Gonzalez Portraits

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