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Current Projects

The Young Women's Forum are hosting monthly meetings for girls and young women (16-25) to discuss sexism and gendered issues in Bristol. 
From February, we will be kicking off our Inspiring Women series, in which women from all sectors and walks of life will share their stories across Welcoming Spaces and Community Hubs across Bristol.
In response to the cost of living crisis, welcoming spaces have popped up around the city.

Past Projects

Women Take Action – Together for Change is a community organising project that follows on from our 2019 City Listening Project through which we heard from more than 530 marginalised women about the barriers they face to achieving their aspirations.
Our Disabled Women Take Action project aims to build a community of committed disabled women to influence practical and policy changes across Bristol.
The Courage Clinic (pilot) is a series of weekly workshops aimed at empowering women to feel more secure and fulfilled in their lives by providing them with a knowledge of and a safe space to practice empowering skills. Fostering positive mental outlook through greater personal self-reliance. 
Following a call from our members for work to be done around menopause (including women who have not yet reached menopausal age) Bristol Women’s Voice have been partnering with other women working in this area to set up support and information.
In summer 2019 Bristol Women’s Voice launched the City Listening Project supported by the Government Equalities Office (GEO) to ensure the voices of women, particularly those that frequently go unheard, contribute to better policy-making. The GEO was particularly keen to hear from women facing multiple barriers including those in low paid employment, BAME women and disabled women. The City Listening Project report is available and can be found here.