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Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill

Here you’ll find a list of services available within Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill.

Services Available

Services Offered:

We are a group of Somali women living in Easton who meet regularly at Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) to discuss issues in our community. We are passionate about improving our lives and having better opportunities for the whole community.

BAME women BIPOC POC Black women Advocacy Campaigns Community Families somali cooking immigrant refugee immigration immigrants refugees asylum seekers BLM
Services Offered:

Friendly singing circles sharing nourishing songs with harmonies taught by ear. Children welcome.

Mums, children, grandmas and women without kids are all welcome!

£5 donation, free places for those not able to pay.

families Mothers Babies Children community Parents mums singing wellbeing workshops


Services Offered:

Latinas in Bristol CIC meet every week to create art and community at St. Paul’s Learning Centre.

They welcome Latin American Women from all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, social classes, and religions: and are a bisexual, lesbian, queer and trans-inclusive space.

Latinas Latin Latinex Spanish South American Hispanic Immigrants Migrants Refugee Asylum BAME BME BIPOC
Services Offered:

Free digital support for all, led by a female facilitator. One-to-one 45 minutes sessions from 10:30  – 12:45 every Friday regardless of experience or ability. The service offers women the opportunity to stay connected by learning to communicate with friends and family, learn how to access online services such as banking and shopping, keeping themselves and their family safe online, help with applying for jobs and much more.

Learn at your own pace and sessions can be focused on the topics you want!

Skills upskilling technology learning training tech support IT computers
Services Offered:

Healthy cooking and community gardening 7-week courses. Free.

Families Skills Hobbies Gardening Baking
Services Offered:

Suitable in pregnancy.

£10 drop in / pay what you can.

Yoga Fitness Excersize Hobbies Mindfulness Pregnant Mothers Prenatal Pregnancy
Services Offered:

Supports local families with food / essentials. £3 for a bag of shopping.

Families Poverty Food Food Bank money help hungry
Services Offered:

Movement and dance are great ways to express yourself, get your heart rate up, and boost your energy.

There are many physical benefits,including improving heart and lung health, aiding coordination, burningcalories, and toning.

Enjoy a holistic journey to fitness. Movement can serve as a wonderful respite for the mind and it creates powerful connections in the body.

Sessions cost £5.

Skills Hobbies wellbeing excersize sport dance fun community movement
Services Offered:

Beginner friendly classes for £5.

Kickboxing Sports Sport Women Only Martial Arts Hobbies Excersize Skills
Services Offered:

Weekly yoga class for parents & carers of children with additional educational needs or disabilties (SEND)

The class will teach you simple stretches, breathing & meditation exercises to help relax the body and mind

The class is for all levels and is accessible to those who are less flexible or able bodied

We ask for a £5 donation towards the class & free spaces are available to those who can not donate

You can book your spot in the class and drop ins are welcome

Please bring a mat if you have one

Skills Hobbies Wellbeing Mothers Disability Disabled SEND Special Educational Needs Yoga
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