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Young Women in Bristol: Feminist Leadership Workshop

As part of our ongoing commitment to empower young women in Bristol and support them to becoming change-makers, we had the privilege of hosting a Feminist Leadership Workshop as part of our Young Women’s Forum.

The session was run by our wonderful team member Troy, who spoke of her own feminist leadership training and encouraged the group to challenge the traditional and stereotypical ideas of leadership.

Comparing Feminist Leadership and Traditional Leadership Models

Throughout the session, we explored different power structures and how we can redefine the way we think about and practice leadership.

Feminist leadership stands out from the traditional leadership models we’ve been used to. Traditional leadership tends to be top-down, competitive, and sometimes inflexible.  Feminist leadership, on the other hand, values inclusivity, and open and intuitive approaches. It values transparent communication, and the breaking down of social constructions that have been used to keep women ‘in their place’.

Inspiring Lively Discussions

During the workshop, many of the young women expressed their frustrations with the absence of feminist values in current leadership practices and systems, sparking passionate conversations about how to challenge existing power structures in order to create positive social change.

The session highlighted the importance of establishing safe and supported discussions for young women to openly express their experiences. Many women found that their views and ideas resonated strongly with others, fostering a great sense of solidarity among the group.

Following the workshop, the group voiced a strong interest in future opportunities to discuss feminist leadership, and further sessions to continue building their confidence to embrace their own leadership potential.

Find out more about Bristol Women’s Voice upcoming events here. 

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