Save the date: 7th of March 2020, International Women's Day.

In honour of International Women’s Day on 8th March, each year Bristol Women’s Voice organizes the city’s largest event to raise awareness, celebrate women’s achievements and mark the ongoing effort towards gender equality. First celebrated over a century ago, in 1911, International Women’s Day has grown to become a pinnacle date for groups campaigning for equality, to come together as a collective to highlight the accomplishments and struggles faced by women and rally action towards accelerating gender equality. Each year, International Women’s Day events are held worldwide, from conferences, awards and exhibitions, to festivals, fun runs and concert performances. Events are held by all different types of organisations such as women’s networks, charities, educational institutions, government bodies, political parties, the media and other communities.

Bristol Women’s Voice organises a free one-day event that brings together thousands of women from across Bristol and the surrounding areas to recognise women’s achievements, in an uplifting and celebratory programme of exciting, diverse and informative activities. Previous years have included musical performances by groups such as Burning Brass and acapella group Pitch Fight, panel discussions covering a broad range of topics such as women in trade, disability, period poverty, maternity rights and more interactive activities like Krav Maga self-defence, swing dance and the popular spoken work open mic. Workshops, discussions and panels encourage women to share their experiences, creating supportive and open spaces for conversation.

The International Women’s Day event boasts an exciting and inspiring range of activities each year, enabling people to come together to recognise women’s achievements and enjoy a day of celebration. Every year there are opportunities for community groups, performers, stall holders, charities and volunteers to get involved, which are advertised across Bristol Women’s Voice’s social media, website and newsletter from September.

To find out more about Bristol Women’s Voice’s previous International Women’s day events and volunteer experiences, check out some of our Community Reporter’s Pieces: International Women’s Day 2019 – A Volunteers Perspective  Women in Trade and Construction Panel  Women and Power Panel Discussion  Unrestricted by Disability  Spoken Word Open Mic 

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