NEWSLETTER August 2021

We’re taking action – jobs, women’s action groups and an active challenge – join us!  

What you told us about sexual harassment in Bristol  

Thank you to all our members who completed the recent sexual harassment survey and shared your experiences. The results sadly didn’t surprise us:  

  • 59% of respondents (31% in the last six months) have been subject to sexualised verbal harassment on Bristol transport; 
  • 38% of respondents (6% in the last six months) have been inappropriately touched; 
  • 63% of respondents (26% in the last six months) have been made to feel unsafe; 
  • 57% respondents felt “very unsafe” (to the point of not using buses at night-time) to “relatively unsafe/alert” when walking home from the bus stop – particularly at night. 


Many of you told us about your experiences and why 86% of respondents didn’t report them. Comments included:  

  • “I wouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone. Women, girls and those who identify as female have this happen to them all the time, every day.” 
  • “Would not know who to report it to…. No confidence or belief that anyone would take any action. Did not feel able to say anything to bus driver- did not think he would take it seriously or be helpful.” 
  • “It did not seem serious enough just seemed like part of being a woman.”  


We’re working to change this. In partnership with SARI, women’s safety organisations and experts, Bristol Women’s Voice have taken these findings to public transport companies, taxi firms and the licencing committee in Bristol. We are working to secure their commitment to tackling all forms of sexual harassment on public and community transport to make moving about the city safer for women.  


In addition to working with public transport companies, Bristol Women’s Voice is delivering training to a Bristol construction company to support their workers to understand and prevent sexual harassment. We are also in conversation with night time economy venues to understand how BWV can best support the sharing of good preventative practice in clubs and bars and with the police to ensure they receive training on gender hate crime/misogyny. 

Take the Challenge!  #71StopSexualHarassment  

To support our work to prevent sexual harassment, we are inviting members to join us in undertake an active challenge to help us raise much-needed funds to keep the organisation going.  

71% of all women are sexually harassed in the UK – rising to 86% of all women aged 16-25 – and so each of the BWV staff are undertaking a personal physical challenge under the theme of 71, to be completed across one day, or many, throughout September and October.   

Join us to take on Challenge 71 on JustGiving.  

Do something active, themed around the number 71 and raise money in solidarity with the 71% of UK women who have experienced sexual harassment in public. e.g. 7.1 hours, 71 steps, 71 minutes, 7.1 kilometres, 7.1 miles, 71 kilometres, 71 miles. Raise £71 or even £710.  

Find out more and download our fundraising pack here. 

Together for Change – Disabled Women’s Action Groups 

We are excited to announce we have been awarded funding for two years from the People’s Health Trust to establish disabled womens action groups, in partnership with disabled-led charity, WECIL.   

In 2019 we consulted 530 marginalised women across Bristol as part of the City Listening Project. The disabled women we spoke to and those with hidden and chronic illnesses told us about the lack of accessible volunteering and employment opportunities, the lack of understanding of GPs and others had about their impairments and harassment and discrimination they faced when using public transport.  

With this funding we will employ a community organiser to bring together disabled women to work for the change changes they identify would improve their lives.  

We are looking to hear from women with hidden disabled and disabled women who are interested in getting involved or being on the steering group to help shape initial project development.

Please contact Katy for more information on  


BWV are delighted to bring you a new session with Katie Silverthorne, focusing on the power of affirmations and visualisation. During this workshop you will learn about why visualisation is a useful tool in achieving your goals and creating a harmonious mindset. Katie will talk about some of the science behind visualisation and why it’s been a powerful device for athletes, those with neurological damage and to help those who wish to change their habits. 

In combination with visualisation, she’ll explore the meditative art of journaling as a form of healing, mindset mastery and habit development. 

Date and time12:00 – 13:00pm Thursday, 26 August 2021

Bristol Law Centre Workshop – Women’s Rights in the Workplace 

This FREE workshop is for any woman wanting to know more about their rights at work, especially during these challenging times. The interactive session, with an employment & discrimination law expert, will focus on whether you could be experiencing discrimination due to maternity, pregnancy or sex. 

Other protected characteristics and intersectionality will be touched upon. There will be a chance to ask questions, and to find out where to get advice. 

  • Have you been made redundant and feel it could be due to your pregnancy? 
  • Are you a woman losing or at risk of losing work due to childcare commitments? 

Sign up now to take part, the session is FREE. 

Please pass on the details to other women you think would be interested.

Confidence Building Coaching Programme 

We are delighted to be able to offer you this opportunity to take part in a 6-week coaching programme with professional coach Ania Milne. This programme is for you if you are interested in personal growth and would like to connect with like-minded women. Please note that places are limited. 

You will learn how to: 

  • increase your chances of achieving goals 
  • recognise your limiting beliefs 
  • deal with failure 
  • practice self-compassion 
  • grow your confidence 

Where?Online – via Zoom 

When?  Every Saturday @ 10:00 for an hour, beginning on the 11th September. 

Sign up via this link: