Tribute to our sister Maryanne Kempf


Mas was a fierce advocate for women’s rights and a particular champion and expert on addressing violence against women and girls. She dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy to supporting women directly and also to projects that looked at longer term prevention and culture change. As a long-term board member of BWV Mas dedicated many hours to improving the work that we do. She was determined to see Bristol Zero Tolerance developed as a model, even while she was fighting cancer, as a way to spread the message against gender-based violence to other cities and wider. She was a strong advocate for the staff and volunteers at Bristol Women’s Voice and her passion for the work and the women’s sector included the feminist understanding that women must support and encourage each other. Her wit, energy, courage and determination will be sadly missed but the work continues in her honour with increased fire and dedication as that is what she would have wanted. In solidarity with an amazing sister activist whose impact on all the communities and people she worked with was inspiring and profound. 

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