Wonderful Women Interview #21 – Karen George

Bristol Women’s Voice Wonderful Women Awards were presented as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations on the 3rd of March. We celebrated over 50 women from across Bristol  who had been nominated for their contribution to their communities.

Karen George

Karen George received a Wonderful Women Award for her work inspiring others to take part in visual arts and craft by arranging workshops, exhibitions and organising the Cam Valley Arts Trail in her local community south of Bristol.

What advice would you give your younger self?

 Much of the advice I would give would be to realise that it’s okay not to do everything perfectly and everyone makes mistakes. That problems are only temporary and that I will be able to deal with any situation I am faced with. I would say ‘stop wasting time and energy worrying and just get things done’, to make use of my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses as I go along. To remind myself that not everyone will share my vision but that the vision will be worth the effort required.

Also that I can change my ‘path’ whenever you choose to – that I don’t need to stay in one profession for my working life. And finally that I’ll meet a huge number of interesting and inspiring people during my lifetime – many of whom will be friends for life.

Which women have inspired you?

Different women have inspired me in different ways.  Often, I notice qualities in others that I don’t feel I have myself. For example, some friends are very patient and good listeners, others are good at supporting others. Others inspire me to stretch myself and as a result I have achieved more than I originally thought possible.

What do you want to see change for women in Bristol?

I want women’s achievements to be seen on an equal footing with men’s achievements; different but equally valued.

This year’s Cam Valley Arts Trail is on the 3rd & 4th November – Find out more at: www.camvalleyartstrail.co.uk 

Bristol Women’s Voice are marking 100 years since the first women in the UK were given the vote with ‘Deeds not Words’ a year-long programme of events across the city. Find out about Deeds not Words events in Bristol here

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