Being a Female DJ in Bristol

Ether Tickets recently hosted an event at To The Moon in Old Market, highlighting Bristol’s female DJ talent. I spoke to a couple of the DJs to find out what Bristol’s like for female DJs, and whether they had any tips for women that want to get into it themselves.

Lilly (Lily the Pink) and Mel (Manga) used to DJ together in Norwich (at a night called ‘Bitchin’ Beatz’), and have both played a lot of all-female nights. This Ether Ticket’s event was Mel’s first in around 5 years, and she’s now getting back on the DJ scene since moving to Bristol. Lily recently plated her first set back out at Boomtown on Mr Whompy Ice Cream Van.

What’s Bristol like for female DJs?

Lily explains that there are loads of opportunities, and there’s always something going on to get involved with in Bristol. There’s a “huge sense of support” between female DJs here – everyone wants to help and offer resources to one another. Mel describes Bristol as a “pioneering scene for female DJs”as being a female DJ is not seen as something different – it’s just normal.

What tips would you give to women who want to get into DJing?

Lily: “Just give it a go, and don’t worry about how it sounds. If you can play an instrument, clap or dance – you can mix!”

Mel advises to accept every offer to play that you get: “Just do it, even if you don’t feel like it – the more you play out, the better!”. She advises that if you do, you’ll get even more offers in the future.

Lily and Mel are also planning to getting people together soon for weekly practice sessions – get in contact if you want to give it a go!

DJ and event info

To see recordings of all the live streams from the event, please visit the event page on Facebook:

All the sets are also available here:

Ether Tickets is a smarter, fairer ticket platform that makes use of efficient technology to reduce their operating costs. This saving is passed on to music lovers, by lowering the cost of ticket booking fees. Check them out and their upcoming events here:

To The Moon – details about the venue can be found at

Interviews conducted by Laura Hillier, BWV Reporter.

Photo credit: Lukonic Photography



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