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Press release: Bristol Women’s Voice announces programme for flagship International Women’s Day Celebration

For immediate release Thursday 15 February 2024

Bristol Women’s Voice is excited to reveal the programme for this year’s flagship International Women’s Day Celebration.

On Saturday 2 March, City Hall will be filled with thousands of women from diverse communities across the city, coming together to celebrate, connect and campaign.

The programme brings panel discussions, workshops, arts and sports, all seen through a feminist lens; celebrating the achievements of women’s rights whilst recognising that barriers and challenges still exist.

There will be discussions around the caring economy, and the campaign being led by Bristol Women’s Voice and nine other organisations in Bristol asking what can done at a local level to value the care being provided behind the scenes by thousands of carers and parents, remove the need for women to choose between caring or working, and to improve conditions for care workers and those who may need cared for.

This year’s celebration will showcase a bigger sports and active lifestyle area than ever before, including women’s rugby, surfing, hockey, swimming, cycling, skateboarding and boxing. Bristol Bears, Empire Fighting Chance and OpenMind Active, to name a few of the bigger names in local sports, will all be part of the outdoor area on College Green.

Katy Taylor, Bristol Women’s Voice Director says:

“This is a very exciting program. Once again, we are hugely grateful to the team of dedicated volunteers who support us every year to put something amazing and truly special together.

“There’ll be food, there’ll be debates, there’ll be workshops, there’ll be music, there’ll be sports, really something for everyone. Everyone is welcome to join us to connect, celebrate and campaign with women and communities across Bristol.”

Panel discussions will include Global Activism, Women in the Built Environment, Women and Health, Women in Tech, the Caring Economy as well as Breaking the Barriers to Women in Sports.

Councillor Asher Craig and Councillor Helen Holland will be opening the day with a welcoming address for this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration.

From the political spectrum speakers include Thangam Debbonaire, Carla Denyer, Dan Norris, Jos Clarke and Rose Hulse among others. From the arts and music scene, visitors will hear from Ujima Radio about how to make a podcast, dance to the moves of the Peruvian Cultural Association, listen to the uplifting voices of the Bring Your Own Baby choir or perhaps may wish to try their hand at an open mic session.

The full programme is available to view now on the Bristol Women’s Voice website.


Notes to Editors:

Media contact:
Claire Charras
Communications Coordinator
Bristol Women’s Voice
0773 313 3986

About Bristol Women’s Voice:
We’re a charity organisation of women working to make women’s equality a reality in Bristol. We do this by connecting, celebrating and campaigning. It is a membership organisation with more than 4,000 members or subscribers.

  • International Women’s Day 2024 Celebration is taking place on Saturday 2 March rather than Saturday 9 March to accommodate Ramadan that will be starting on 10 March 2024.
  • Katy Taylor, Bristol Women’s Voice Director is available for interviews.
  • Images can be downloaded here: [link expires 22 Feb 2024]

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