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Inspiring Women Talk: Samera Bhatti on setting up your own business

A few weeks ago, we were visited by Samera Bhatti, Chiropractor and Businesswoman, to tell us a bit about her journey, and offer pro tips on how to care for your back.

Inspiring Women Talk

Samera discussed how following a move to the UK from Pakistan as a child, she was disheartened to realise she would be afforded no extra time despite doing her exams in a second language. She had only been in the country for a year and a half.

Still, Samera passed her exams, although was initially devastated to get Grades below her normal high-flying grades. This determination was just the beginning of Samera’s journey into education, entrepreneurship, and hard work that led her to owning her own business alongside a string of educational accolades. Samera shared with us the affirmations and tricks she uses to stay committed to her goals.

Talking to us in the community centre opposite her old school, there were a lot of smiles, nods and murmurs in the room.

Many of the women there resonated with the barriers Samera faced, and there was a sense of renewed confidence by the end of the session.

Women shared their dreams with each other. ‘Just do it’, everyone would chime. ‘Maybe I will’, they would respond, with a small smile.

Back Care Workshop

In an intimate session, Samera offered both general and personalised advice on back care to a crowd of women, all who had come with specific questions about treatment and pain management.

In a way that felt controlled and supportive within the group setting, participants shared details about their pain, receiving professional advice and emotional support. Participants left feeling empowered, heard, and informed.

They felt confident to return to their GP’s with more questions, push for certain treatments, and reconsider the day-to-day ways they moved their bodies.

Women also began to discuss wider issues – employment, caring and mothering – and the toll this had been taking. The privilege of our health – of living a life without pain – can’t be understated.

For those suffering with chronic pain in an environment of scarcity, being gifted so much of Samera’s time and expertise, was truly priceless.

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