New Bristol Sexual Entertainment Venues Policy Review report released

A new report has been released to highlight the harm caused by Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) to women as a group, and outline why Bristol City Council’s Licensing Committee should adopt a nil-cap approach to licensing SEVs. It comes in the midst of a 12-week consultation into a proposed nil-cap that has been 10 years in the making.

The 50 page report was produced by Safe and Equal Bristol – an umbrella group of Bristol-based stakeholders and professionals in the field of gender equality and sexual and gender-based violence – who want Bristol to be a fair and equal city that does not tolerate violence against women and girls.

Working closely with Bristol Women’s Commission, Safe and Equal Bristol have produced a summary report alongside the full report, which explores who and how SEVs harm, the wider policy context and drive to tackle male violence against women and how SEVs stand in the way of this, instead promoting and profiting from gender inequality and a sexist culture that can, and does, lead to male violence.

Chair of Bristol Women’s Commission Penny Gane said: “All councillors, journalists and consultees should read this report, which further delves into the societal harm caused by SEVs. In licensing SEVs, the council’s licensing committee is reinforcing harmful gender norms, the impact of this is felt far beyond the walls of the strip clubs.”

Read the summary report here.

Read the full report here.

Respond to the public consultation here.

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