What Do You Need From Your Employer To Help You Succeed At Work? The Bristol Women’s Commission’s Business Task Group

As part of our International Women’s Day event, the Business Task Group from the Bristol Women’s Commission hosted an open drop-in session. Jane Ginnever (Chair of the Task Group) and Vanessa Moon (Moon Consulting) invited women to share their experiences with them, to find out what women in Bristol need to help them succeed at work.

There are currently about 15 women who are part of the Task Group, and together they have a wide range of business experience and expertise. Recently, they’ve been working on drawing up ‘The Bristol Women in Business Charter’, which will act as a call-to-action for companies to improve the way their business works for women employees.

Companies can sign up to the charter to demonstrate their commitment to objectives such as: encouraging the progress of women employees in lower-paid positions; putting into effect company procedures that do not discriminate against women; and promoting flexible or part-time working. Greater flexibility in working hours can benefit both women and men, who are often looking to have more time available for their families and other commitments or interests. As Jane explains, having a sense of control over one’s life can also help to boost a sense of personal fulfilment.

At the International Women’s Day event, attendees were also invited to provide their feedback on the Charter ahead of its official launch later this month, on 26th March. As well as benefiting women, the Charter will give credit to the businesses that are making these positive changes through their commitment to the Charter’s objectives. The Task Group will also hold events for companies that sign up throughout the year, which could help businesses from different industries share ideas about how they’re helping women to thrive.

Jane explained that feedback so far from businesses on the charter have been really positive, with several major companies in Bristol having already signed up as founding signatories. In the lead-up to the launch, the Task Group are hopeful that momentum and awareness of the Charter will continue to build.

Laura Hillier

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