Upfest joins forces with Bristol Women’s Voice

Upfest returns to the streets of South Bristol this summer for its 10th Anniversary and Europe’s largest street art festival has plenty in store for the 28 – 30 th of July. Fresh from the announcement that The Simpsons will be part of the 10 th birthday celebrations, organisers have now teamed up with Bristol Women’s Voice to celebrate the
centenary of the first votes for women.

2018 marks 100 years of the first women getting the vote and together Upfest and Bristol Women’s Voice will celebrate the progress made since 1918, with three artists chosen to portray the suffrage movement and the rights of women. Nomad Clan is possibly the biggest female duo in world street art, having completed some
incredible feats over the past two years, including the largest mural in the country back in 2017. Their challenge this year is a unique one; to celebrate the suffrage movement with a tie in to The Simpsons using the show’s titular post-modern feminist, Lisa Simpson!

Stephen Hayles, Upfest founder said: “Bringing together Bristol Women’s Voice, the suffrage movement and The Simpsons may seem odd at first glance. But throughout the show’s history Lisa has been the character most likely to rally for change and introduce political issues. Lisa has the strongest opinions and the loudest voice and is a great advocate for women’s rights.”

Bristol based Zoe Power’s work can be found throughout the city, from its walls to Discover East Bristol and on the £1 note of the Bristol Pound. Zoe is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the fields of illustration, print and typography. Greatly inspired by the bustle of the city, its people, lettering and feminism, all of these themes can be found in her work. Argentinean artist Caro Pepe is no stranger to Upfest and has long explored the complex nature of emotions through her art. Her portraits of women with one eye obscured hints towards the partial view we have on reality and how misperceptions define our worlds and emotions. As part of this special project from Upfest and Bristol Women’s Voice Caro will be bringing her unique style to South Bristol once again.

Penny Gane, Bristol Women’s Voice’s Chair says: “Bristol Women’s Voice are excited to be working with Upfest to showcase three exciting women street artists. Women make a huge contribution to street art and it’s great to see them recognised. This year, thanks to our partnership, Upfest has more women artists than ever before. Bristol Women’s Voice works to make sure women are heard by decision makers in the city, fight inequality and celebrate the talents of Bristol’s amazing women. The 3 artists’ work represents the ability of women to overcome challenges with bravery and persistence.”

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