Workshop: Courage Clinic

The Courage Clinic (pilot) is a series of weekly workshops aimed at empowering women to feel more secure and fulfilled in their lives by providing them with a knowledge of and a safe space to practice empowering skills. Fostering positive mental outlook through greater personal self-reliance. 

The aim of this session is to engage with what empowerment means to us, and how can we start empowering ourselves further.

22nd April 6 pm – Courage Clinic 1: Empowerment and Courage

In the first workshop, we introduce Sister Courage as an organisation and explore stories of empowerment and courage with Dr Jelena Nolan-Roll, psychologist and researcher and Sister Courage’s Head of Research and Evaluation.

The aim of this session is to engage with what empowerment means to us, and how can we start empowering ourselves further. What does empowerment mean to you, an is there any one route to it? This workshop moves around controlling our own narrative and building our own sense of being.

29th April 6 pm – Courage Clinic 2: Reading the Situation

Situational Awareness is a skill that’s long been taught worldwide to the police and the military. It the mental part of self-defense where we use observational skills to detect potential trouble before it finds us, and survive and thrive in an environment by making assertive safety decisions.

Women have always done this, instinctually and unconsciously, and in this session Sister Courage’s Self Defence instructor Imogen Thomas, with over twenty years experience, hosts a workshop to make the invisible visible, helping instincts speak louder and doubt be understood for its origins in misogyny.

6th May 6 pm – Courage Clinic 3: Establishing Boundaries through Language

55% of communication is through body language, 38% is through tone. This workshop leads from the last, going deeper into subtleties of behavior that can predict potential for harassment and violence. We also look into options for our own body language and verbal skills to challenge or de-escalate misogynistic behavior, and ways that we can build our boundaries.

13th May 6 pm – Courage Clinic 4: Take Your Space Back

This workshop moves into expressing your assertiveness physically and verbally and using your body and your voice to defend yourself. Easy skills that have long been taught in self-defense classes from police to door staff and a variety of civilian groups and are applicable for all levels of physicality and intersectionality.

20th May 6 pm – Courage Clinic 5: Putting it all together

A space for us all to share our stories and potentially reinterpret for greater understanding using what we have previously explored as a means of structure. Being our own witness is another form of empowerment, and taking control of our own narrative is an important route to power.




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22nd April – 20th May



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