Welcome to Bristol Women’s Voice

IMG_1982Bristol Women’s Voice (BWV) is a powerful voice for women aiming to make women’s equality in Bristol a reality.

We make sure that when key decisions are taken in Bristol, women’s voices have been listened to and their ideas and concerns acted upon.

We will bring together women to share ideas, exchange experiences, support campaigns and events and celebrate success so that together we can make Bristol a showcase for women’s involvement, empowerment and equality.

BWV will:

  • Promote and publicise campaigns and events that advance the equality of women
  • Support Bristol Women’s Commission and work with decision makers to ensure actions are taken which make a real difference to women’s lives
  • Inform women about organisations that provide support and advice and help women set up their own support networks
  • Celebrate success

BWV has been set up with support from Bristol City Council but is independent of the council.

BWV is managed and chosen by Bristol women for Bristol women.


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