*Trigger Warning* Foreign Body is a powerful dance theatre show depicting one woman’s experience of several sexual assaults. Imogen Butler-Cole is a London based dance practitioner and female bodied person who, like 1 in 3 women in the UK, has survived sexual violence. The performance outlines 3 separate sexual assaults that Imogen has experienced in […]

Bristol Big Sisters conference took place on 16th October 2016. The event was organised not only to give a voice to Muslim women of all ages and backgrounds who live in Bristol, but also to explore possible ways for them to talk about issues that matter to them. The event was organised by the Women’s […]

Has your hair gotten too long? Is it weighing you down? Then it’s time to have a haircut and donate to the Little Princess Trust (LPT). LPT provides real hair wigs to children suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. The Trust relies on people like you to donate hair and money to help children. […]

Yesterday at 8:25am it felt for many as though the sky had begun to fall, like the world as we know it, the world we believed, no, hoped it would be was well and truly over. Donald J. Trump, TV personality and billionaire businessman, was officially declared the 45th President of the United States of […]

The first rule of midlife and ageing is you do not talk about midlife and ageing. Writers Miranda Sawyer and Marina Benjamin have broken the rule. In their talk for the Bristol Festival of Ideas Miranda and Marina openly reflected on what the second half of life means to them, particularly in a society where […]

Written by BWV Reporter Bryony Ball When are the media going to start recognising cases of domestic violence? Even when all the signs are right there jumping off the page they still don’t say the words. When I read articles about actress Sian Blake’s murder in the news today[1] I was frustrated once again to see […]

On September 22nd the much-anticipated anthology of 15 essays by British black, Asian and minority ethnic contributors, The Good Immigrant, was released. The following day author Nikesh Shukla kicked off a series of promotional events, beginning with a talk in Bristol as part of the Festival of Ideas. Shukla was accompanied by contributors Himesh Patel […]